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Dr. Richard Johnson


Dr. Johnson hates pain as much as you do!

Young Richard became acutely aware of the pain general dentistry can cause during his first trip to a dentist as a child. Now as a practicing dentist he has been able to take the leadership in southern Arizona by being the very first area dentist to provide laser treatments for a host of dental maladies that would normally require drilling and grinding... and pain.*

Dr. Richard Johnson is a 1996 graduate of the Medical College of Virginia School of Dentistry. After graduation Dr. Johnson and his wife moved to Tucson and started his private practice in Tucson and then eventually Green Valley.

Dr Johnson has three children that keep him busy, but when he does get a little extra time he enjoys golfing, skiing, cycling and photography. Dr Johnson is also very active with the Boy Scouts of America and Flying Samaritans of Arizona.

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*Laser dentistry is not a treatment for every patient or condition.

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